Fromagerie La Station de Compton

Eastern Townships


The quality of the cheese is directly related to the well-being of the animals.

In 2004, in the heart of the generous countryside of Compton in the Eastern Townships, the Fromagerie de la Station was born.

These passionate, fourth generation farmers are following in the footsteps of Alfred Bolduc, their ancestor, who acquired the lot of land in 1928, on which now stand the maple grove, the farm and the fromagerie.

This beautiful venture unites all the members of the Bolduc family, the three brothers and the parents.

In the dairy, one can see how important the relationship is between the well-being of the animals and the quality of the cheese being produced. The warm milk is collected every morning and used to create organic farmstead cheese that taste inevitably of Compton.

Ferme Pierre Bolduc

If you ask the Bolduc family to talk about their cows, this is what you will learn:

Their favourite colour: green. On an organic farm, nothing surprising there.

Their favourite dish: white clover.

Their rallying cry: Moooo. With 4 “o”s. It's important. A sign of well-being perhaps.

Though very humorous, the young Bolducs are none the less rigorous in their approach and like to see a job well done.

On the farm, the savoir-faire can be seen all around. For a visitor, entering the farm means discovering a welcoming and enveloping ambiance where music marks the passage of time, carried on the scent of warm hay. A place where one can almost taste the sweet rich milk already.

In the hills and valleys of Compton, where the cows graze from spring to fall, time takes its time.

  • Number of employees
    15 - 10 at the fromagerie, 5 on the farm
  • Animals
    170 Holstein cows: 120 lactating, 50 resting and ready to take over
  • Information and address
    440, chemin de Hatley
    Compton, (Québec)
    J0B 1L0
    Tél : (819) 835-5301
    Courriel :
    Site internet :
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