Chic! Fondue - Whisky

1001 Fondues

Chic! Fondue - Whisky - 1001 Fondues
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Étiquette - Chic! Fondue - Whisky

Once again , 1001 Fondues pushed the audacity further with its new Whisky Fondue. Le Whisky 3 Grains from the Distillery St. Laurent enhance the local ‘terroir’ taste and gives this fondue a rich flavor with roasted notes.

A ready-to-use fondue ; can be served with fresh mushrooms, nut breads and charcuteries.


Lactose free.

  • Cheesemaker
    1001 Fondues
    Capitale-Nationale (Québec)
  • Size
    125 g, 350 g
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