1001 Fondues

Capitale-Nationale (Québec)


Is it possible to fall into the magic pot of fondue as a kid? According to 1001 Fondues, a family-owned business, it sure is an explanation to consider.

Cheese fondue to please us all

For more than 30 years, generations of the Lapointe family have been involved in the creation and development of original and daring fondues. They were able to push back the limits of the classic white wine fondue, combining their successful assortment of cheese with beer, cider, gin or even whisky. Nevertheless, they also hit the home run to offer a variety of lactose-free and gluten-free products, so that all could find their perfect fit.

A hearty pleasure to share

For this group of enthusiasts, honoring the fondue pot is done all year round. Whether it is the heart of summer around a picnic table or snuggled by the fireplace when the cool of winter is knocking at the door, this simple gathering is the definition of conviviality… Simple, hearty, for our greatest pleasure!