Fromagerie les Broussailles

Eastern Townships


Organic and poetic!

The farm les Broussailles (meaning the brush or underbrush) is one with nature. Grounded in the rich soil with heads full of dreams, Jean-François Clerson chose to fully embrace its environment and to work in total harmony with Mother Nature.

The fromagerie is certified organic and has been dedicated to raw milk cheese making since 2015. A dream come-true after a short stay in France that triggered the spark. This was followed by a 10-year stay in Switzerland where he learned about the biodynamic approach that influences his work today.

Fromagerie les Broussailles

A taste of nature

At Fromagerie les Broussailles, the small herd of Alpine goats is outside every day.

The goats are milked by hand, except in the spring, when the milk is more abundant.

Since 2018, an organic ewe’s milk producer provides the farm with the milk used to produce the Cru Berger. This is another important step taking them even further in this beautiful world of cheesemaking.